Crystal Cun ate and earned her way through a master’s in Food Culture and Communications from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy. For one year, through March 2011, she was awash in a sea of olive oil, photojournalism and sustainable food production. Prior to this peripatetic European adventure, she worked in research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and studied economics at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. After her travels in Italy, she moved to New York, where she was the oyster communications voice at Element Seafood, then the marketing guru at Bruce Cost Ginger Ale. In her free time, she also turned vegetables and whipped cream like a boss as a student in the Culinary Techniques program at the International Culinary Center. Today, Crystal is the brand manager at Fleishers Craft Butchery, a neighborhood butcher shop for people who want meat raised right. Sometimes this requires abundant amounts of research with “Rockin’ Moroccan” sausage and grass-fed steak. She also works as a consultant for FRESH, an indie documentary about the farmers, activists and entrepreneurs who are reinventing our food system. If you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer. She is a fan of orange juice with lots of pulp, carves adorable sharkmelons, and has pondered how they make the middle bun on a Big Mac. Questions, comments and sandwich offers can be directed to crystalbells at gmail.

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  1. Hi Crystal:

    I’m a reporter working on a story about Neighborhood Fruit (dot) com, and since you were the first (as far as I can tell) person in Chicago to write/blog about the site (via Chicago Foodies), I wanted to get your take on the enterprise (why it’s useful, what it could do better, etc). I know it’s been a while and that you’re living in Italy now (I couldn’t be more jealous, btw), but hoping you might have some thoughts you’d be willing to share.

    Thanks so much.


    Jessica Reaves

  2. Hey, I’ve been having a look through your blog as you were featured on freshly pressed, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it! I love reading about European countries -(I’m English, but we don’t consider ourselves European!) there always seems to be such beauty and joy and amazing food and history to discover! Thanks for sharing your experiences !

  3. Crystal,

    My name is Jason. I currently live outside of Austin, TX. I am 32, married, with two kids (2 and 1 month old). I have been researching UNISG for the Italian Master’s Program and came across your blog. I see that you have attended or are currently attending UNISG. I was wondering if you would be able to answer some questions for me about the school and the program. Whenever you get some time here are some questions I have.

    1. What program did you attend / are you attending? What are your thoughts about the school and the coursework?

    2. Were there any students who were married/dating or had a family? Since our family wouldn’t be able to live in student housing, do you know anyone who lived or did you live in an apartment in the area? I am wondering about what hurdles we would have to jump as a family as compared to a single person, if any.

    3. Were you able to get any type of scholarships or grants or loans for the program? Did they cover any part of living expenses while in school?

    4. how was the cost of living while there?

    5. how was the internship/job placement process after school? are there opportunities to work there in italy after the program?

    6. do you feel that the money spent was worth it?

    I understand that these are some pretty vague questions and would depend on the person, etc. I am just trying to get a firm foothold on all that would go into getting there. It looks like an amazing program and it excites both myself and my wife. Any added information or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.


    Jason DiLoreti

  4. Hi Crystal,

    Can I reach you by Skype or email? I would like to talk to you about your experience at UNISG and perhaps get some advice on a few issues.

    Many thanks in advance!



  5. HI Crystal

    I too would like to look at your post about UniSG.

    Would be great if you could send me the password.

    mille grazie

  6. Hi Crystal,

    I’m a recent enrollee of UNISG. I was wondering if you’d like to meet and talk about the school. I’ve been in touch with a few others, but I always want to hear more. I feel like I have questions and reservations, but alas I am already enrolled.


  7. Theodora,

    Please contact me on Skype (saskia.armee). I am a current student and I can give you further insights.



    1. Hello,

      I’m Catalina from Argentina. I was wondering if any of you can give some information about the undergraduate program at UNISG. I want to go to study there but I have no more info than the one it’s in their website.
      I want it to know how many hours per week we need to be there and if that gives me any space for work.
      Thank you!!

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