Constant Donations

In 2008, I decided that I would donate $25 every year to the Cornell Chimes Fund. After all, they paid for an awful lot of meals/trips to high places (belltowers) for me over my 3-year stint as a chimesmaster, so the least I can do is help fund a current chimesmaster’s dinner at Banfi’s. Further, I decided to donate $25 in 2008 inflation-adjusted dollars, so that the real value of my donation would remain constant.

Last year in 2009, with the tanking American economy and Helicopter Ben to thank, I actually donated only $24.68. Huzzah deflation!

Anyway, it is that time of the year again, so without further ado, here is my 2010 Cornell donation:

$24.68 in 2009 dollars * 218.178 (May ’10 CPI-U, all items) / 213.856 (May ’09 CPI-U) = $25.18 in 2010 dollars

I can’t wait to get my letter in the mail from President Skorton thanking me for my donation of $25.18.

8 thoughts on “Constant Donations

  1. Good for you! Still sensitive to those economic numbers!! I thought living in Italy means completely isolation from the US-world turmoil…

    How’s world cup enviroment there? People here (mostly non-Chinese) are paying $25~ to watch games in front of the big screen (not so big)- at the South Africa pavilion – at the “people mountain people sea” Expo!

    Question : is parmalade = pizza +marmalade? haha

    1. what kind of “bestest friend” is this? having to GUESS the meaning of his/her “bestest friend”‘s blog name?

  2. You guys are all hilarious. I would explain where the title comes from but that would ruin the fun. So you can all pretend to be right.

    I haven’t actually gone out to watch a World Cup game yet, though this might change if the Italian team stops playing terrible. Or maybe we will go out and honk some car horns even if they lose.

    1. haha that horn honking day will come soon!

      (I hope none of your Italian friends see this blog… But, just in case, the following are for our beloved Lady P’s Italian friends – it was a joke, pal! I actually bet on Italy this time against Portugal – my coworker’s bet. And I have an Argentina jersey wearing on the back of my chair, and I still don’t know which team made the top 16… I am a genuine pseudo soccer fan! I don’t think, I GUESS! 🙂

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