Winter in Italy

Today I woke to find that everything was covered in a pristine blanket of fluffy, white snow. It was the first snowfall of the season in Bra.

Townspeople gather to read town notices on the bulletin board outside the church.

In Italy, umbrellas are commonly used by pedestrians to shield themselves from falling snow.

Playgrounds were hushed, save for the padding of dogs walking their masters.

Overhead, icicle lights dangle between the buildings above the cobblestone streets. Stone lions silently keep watch at the gates.

A small ice skating rink had been set up in Piazza Roma, where children struggled to stay upright on their skates.

Windshield wipers are left raised on vehicles to ease cleaning later on.

Clothespins will remain idle until the return of warmer weather next spring.

Hollywood may saturate cinema screens with cheesy Christmas movies every year, but Italy is no different. A Natale Mi Sposo tells the heartwarming tale of Gustavo, a cook in a Roman trattoria, who dreams of becoming a famous international chef. Alongside our hero, we have Rocky, a former boxer turned waiter; Cecco, who is obsessed with the older, “mature” ladies; and Gualtiero, a “very nice” guinea pig.

Adjacent to the cinema, Cafe Converso holds the honor of having the town’s most ostentatious display of civic pride. Do you ♥ Bra? Braaaaaa Is Fantastic!

Bright red berries peek out from under the snow. Is it time for Christmas yet?

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