Pride Parade: One Small Step for Humans, One Giant Leap for Human Rights

So you may have heard that the state of New York legalized gay marriage last Friday. Thirty days after the bill’s signing, homosexual couples will able to marry in NY, MA, VT, CT, NH, IA and DC.

The city’s annual Pride Parade was scheduled for Sunday, just two days after the historic passage. Cue thousands of signs being printed with the proclamation, “Thank you Governor Cuomo – promise kept!” A few marchers made not-so-subtle jabs at California’s repealed Proposition 8.

Revelers from all over the city and surrounding states amassed along the parade route.

Colorful costumes were the new black.

The Big Gay Marching Band was one of the musical ensembles who performed.

Bare, heavily toned bodies were plentiful too.

Young and young at heart marchers danced like everybody was watching.

Lion queens padded down the street.

Though not everyone was feeling harmonious. After the NYPD band paraded past, one marcher protested the previous night’s raid on the Eagle, a prominent gay bar.

This being New York, ethnic and religious groups were well-represented. Here, the most colorful huppah (Jewish wedding canopy) I’ve ever seen.

One young man is “looking for my tiger daddy,” while a Boy Scout troop leader rues his expulsion from the organization.

Congratulations to us all.

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