How to Munch on Munch

Food Scream

(With apologies to Edvard Munch)

At this time of the year, the produce aisle at the Food Coop is just bursting with color. Yellow tomatoes! Magenta beets! Purple broccoli! I’d been considering doing a series of meals using only ingredients of the same color. Then, a friend sent me this NPR article on art-inspired food. Presto! I decided to recreate “The Scream” in edible format. The results were quite palette-able, if I do say so myself.


  • Red: swiss chard stems
  • Pink: prosciutto
  • Orange: squash
  • Yellow: beet
  • Green: zucchini
  • Violet: purple daikon radish
  • Black: seaweed
  • White: cheddar
Taste the Rainbow
Taste the Rainbow

One thought on “How to Munch on Munch

  1. Hello my name is John is working for an Italian publishing house “Diabasis”.
    I found it very beautiful image “the scream” Munch.
    I wanted to ask if I could use the image for the cover of an ebook.
    The book is about food under an anthropological, the title will be “Fear of Disease soul food” translated into Italian.
    His name will be mentioned in the title of the work.

    Waiting for your response
    I greet you and I congratulate him for his interesting blog

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