Thesis, or Reasons to Stay Late at the Office on Friday Night

Lately, all my writing energy has been devoted to working on this damn thesis, due on May 6th. I just want to get the thing written and turned in, so that I can move on with other projects.

Already, I’ve had to trim lots of interesting material that isn’t entirely relevant out of fear that this will turn into a book. Only a select few of you will find this topic totally absorbing, but I’ll post a tentative abstract here to ward off the inevitable questions.

Title: The Slow Evolution of Fast Money: A Fresh Approach to Sustainable Investment

Abstract: The Industrial Revolution heralded an age of unprecedented environmental damage and social tolls driven by commercial activity. We can move toward a restorative economy through careful placement of investment funds in socially responsible businesses that focus on more than bottom line profits. The microfinance industry in developing countries and the Slow Money movement in the U.S. are two examples of business models that aspire to move away from the traditional profit-driven financial paradigm. However, they are relatively unproven and are prone to the pitfalls of commercialist mission-drift. Study of these experiments provides lessons to be learned for future models of sustainable finance.

In case you’re wondering, what does this have to do with food or gastronomy, the answer is: it doesn’t. I simply felt like dipping back into the econ fold for a while.

5 thoughts on “Thesis, or Reasons to Stay Late at the Office on Friday Night

  1. I am so glad I stumbled onto your blog! I spent a month in Italy a few years ago and LOVED it….actually, it might not be a good thing if I keep reading your blog…I might become envious!

    keep in touch!

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  3. I still do not have my titlte. But I have way to much material and way too little time. I get back the 5th and has to handle the hard copy the 6th… wow, I’m in the mud –in all senses 🙂
    Newzzz, we are going to Jesse’s place for Easter and so we are planning a day trip to Chcago! Can’t believe how many places I’m seeing during this internship 🙂 so well, the question is: blackbird, avec, the publican, purple pig or bistronomic? and shall we go to pizzeria uno? 🙂 what else is a must-see, must eat/drink there? I’m sure there’s plenty!

    1. Aha, Chicago! I’ll shoot you guys an email with recs but Paul Kahan’s restaurants are some of my favorites in the city. The question is not “or” but “and.” Wait a minute, does that mean I’m not going to see you guys in NYC??

      1. sure you are! we made a little deviation to spend Easter at Jesse’s house, we are getting to NYC on the 27th til the 5th! thanks for the email, thats awesome!

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